Happy New Years!!!!

Our family likes to do the traditional meal for New Years.    Black eyed peas, corn bread, ham, and greens.
“Peas for pennies, greens for dollars, and cornbread for gold.”  I love our tradition.  We make everything from scratch and it is always wonderful… I love sitting at a table with my children while they tell me what they hope for the upcoming year.  I used to say ” New year, New me.”  What an inaccurate statement.  It should be “New year, New Goals.”  I don’t want to be a different person.  People have complained about 2016…. oh we lost so many celebrities….  some of us have lost everything.  Some of us have lost our Moms and dads.  Sisters or brothers.  Grandparents….. This is our day to celebrate anew and try to feel cleansed and renewed.   I love new years… I hope everyone has had a great holiday and now I’m ready to venture on in life.  In my short 30 years I feel like I have the experience of one much much older.  I really love this time of year because it is like a breath of fresh air.  Once a year I get to take a deep breathe and start over!!!!

Collard Greens

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