St. George Island And Apalachicola

St. George Island and Apalachicola, Florida are really must-see destinations! I combined these two places because frankly, it is hard to think about one without the other coming to mind. They are literally 2 bridges apart!

The benefit of a trip here is that you have the peaceful calm of the forgotten coast and the warm eclectic feeling of an old-fashioned/new aged downtown. Take a walk on the beach early in the morning and truly feel like the beach is all yours. Honestly, you may be the only one out there at times. St. George has every charm of a very small beach town. Both of these cozy towns are absolutely captivating.


We usually rent a beach house on St. George Island.  I love to stay beachfront but, who doesn’t?  The last time we vacationed there we stayed at the Hodge Podge Lodge.

It was so cute and the view was like no other. This cozy cottage was offered by Collins Vacation Rentals who were super easy to work with. Honestly, most companies in that area are pretty good in the customer service department. Which is always a plus in my opinion.

I will say that I have thought about staying in downtown Apalachicola. There are some great rentals that would allow you to walk to all the attractions downtown. What a gas saver! If you mainly aim to stay in town.


I’m going, to be honest, St. George Island is limited to the shopping. They do have souvenir shops, grocery stores, supply shops, and fishmongers. Having said that, Apalachicola is an antique lovers paradise. If you like going into really neat artsy shops then you will adore this little town. You can park on the main street and literally walk to everything downtown.

st. george island and apalachicola

Check out the Old Time Soda Shop for a step back in time. If you want to see some really cool antiques and other knick-knacks go check out The Tin Shed! These are just a couple of places to check out. Don’t forget to stop by the local brewery!

old time soda fountain


blue parrot cafe SGI

On St. George Island go to the Blue Parrot. It is a beachside restaurant and bar. It is really family friendly everyone (ages 1-31) had a great time dining here. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is fun, and the food is great.

apalachicola seafood grill

In Apalachicola, if you like fried seafood the Apalachicola Seafood Grill is the place to go for your fried seafood! The grouper is my favorite! As a matter of fact, all of their food screams classic seaside town and tastes so fresh! Another place I highly recommend is Caroline’s Dining On The River. This was a beautiful dining experience. There are windows everywhere! We ate there for brunch on our trip and the staff was so pleasant to our 3 children. They went out of their way to be nice and chat with my girls, which made them feel special.

St. George Island and Apalachicola


On St. George Island, you can hang out on the beach enjoying the quite natural atmosphere or check out the Lighthouse Museum and get to know some of the local histories. The State Park is a good family activity. You could also rent a scooter and drive around the island, this was a fun activity for us! May- October is turtle nesting season! It is important to adhere to certain guidelines during these times in order to protect the wildlife. If your looking for a  fun event to attend St. George Island hosts the Annual Florida Seafood Festival!

dixie theatre

Apalachicola has so much to offer. This small cute town is so much fun to navigate on foot. Go catch a show at the Dixie Theater. I have never had the pleasure of seeing one but I have heard good things. Charter a boat and go deepsea or bay fishing. We enjoy taking our catch back to the beach house, cooking it, then eating it by the ocean!



  • If you’re staying for an extended period of time you could drive about 1.5-2 hours and visit Panama City Beach. There are many fun little places to stop along the way.  This is definitely a day trip.
  • Go during the “Fall” pricing season if you can. It usually begins at the end of August but this could vary. If you pick the right travel time you will pay “Fall” prices for summer weather. Going during this time could save you up to $1000 or more. Plus the people traffic will lower than at peak season.
  • Mosquitos are bad. At night especially. Ok, I had to say it…I live in the south and they are bad down here in general. When the sun goes down you should absolutely have your bug spray handy.

St. George Island and Apalachicola are great family vacation spots. This location is particularly special to us because we were married there.

(***Pics below were taken by Gerdi Keyser @ our wedding getaway)

I personally love being able to relax on the beach with my family and then go meander around the shops in downtown Apalachicola. Such a lovely family destination! Very memorable!

I aim to do more of these posts as we have tons of travel pics and stories:)!




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