Mom hacks are simple household solutions to everyday problems.

We really should call these “parent Hacks”! Every day we are all graced with small menial issues… here are a few mom hacks we have come up with in order to make life a little easier.

mom hacks


Spring cleaning is an unavoidable yearly task for most of us parents. I have spent the last year consolidating multiple houses into one.  I’m happy to say I have finished decluttering and cleaning… Oh dear, It was major work!

Here are a few mom hacks for the everyday individual:

mom hacks

  1. Reuse glass candle jars. Many candles come in fun glass jars with lids. They are great for storing things like safety pins or really anything that would fit. I have even used them as holiday decorations! I made a terrarium decoration for Easter. You could even add a few marbles or decorative rocks and you have a stylish makeup brush holder!
  2. Use an empty tictac bottle or beauty tub to hold your hair accessories. Not only will this help organize your bobby pins and hairbands you will also be able to quickly throw them in your bag in case you need one later.                                                                                          
  3. Command hooks are the new ducktape!  These are one of my major tools in mom hacks. I use them to organize charging cords, lunch boxes, book bags and more. I love command hooks the versatility is unique! I especially love using them for holiday decor. I have tried many ways to get stockings to stay on the fireplace mantle at Christmas time with no avail until 3 years ago when I started using these!
  4. Repurpose old magnetic pencil holders. Kids now are so immersed in electronics it is ridiculous. To keep my girl’s gaming devices separated and charged I reused our old pencil holders. I used command velcro strips to secure the pencil holders to the wall. The location also allows my daughter to charge their devices while everything remains out of reach for our youngest.

    mom hacks

  5. Have a central station. Parents the major mom hack is to have the main hub, a place to keep everything in order schedule-wise. I have a calendar/pinboard/mail holder station that allows me to stay organized and keep the children’s activities in order. You need a home base that will lay out the basics of your daily agenda.

    mom hacks

  6. Use magnetic spice containers. Stick them to the side of your fridge for easy access. I love magnetic containers and having spices and blends handy can make cooking easy and fun.

    mom hacks


Everyone has a hack or two. Shoot most people have a whole arsenal of life hacks. Parents and people, in general, are always looking for ways to apply the old saying, “Work smarter, not harder.” If you have some great hacks I insist you share! We could all use a little help from time to time.

These are just a few of the hacks we have learned over the years! I look forward to sharing more mom hacks with you all!

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