Here we are, it is February 14th and Valentine’s Day has finally circled back around on the calendar! 

What are your big plans today? What did you do in preparation? It always seems like there is so much to get done on days like these. I like to try and take a break here and there to really enjoy the day. That is an important thing to remember amongst the busyness. 

valentine's day


I remember the days when we would plan out elaborate valentine dates that would keep us out until the wee hours of the night and take us all over town. Now, our Valentine’s date night consists of a fun dinner at home, a movie, and usually ends at 8 when it is bedtime for the kids. Truthfully, We love it.


For most holidays I make the traditional Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Icing. Let me tell you, this is always a big hit with the little ones! I give them each their own pan and icing. Sometimes it is quicker to just buy icing especially if you have more than one child. Then, let them go to town. Of, course one must have sprinkles and edible glitter!  This has become our fun tradition with Valentines Day marking the end of our “Cookie Season” which starts in October! What are some of your fun traditions?


valentine's day


We, as a whole family, love to cook together on occasions such as this. For the 2018 menu, we have decided on cornish hens, heart-shaped roasted potatoes, and cookies! I’m also melting chocolate and molding it into shapes. It is Valentine’s Day and that means… lots of sweets!


valentine's day


I like the idea of making valentines at home as opposed purchasing store bought ones. Hey, I totally get buying them we have 100% done that before and may very well do it again. This year the girls picked their own designs (Gotta love Pinterest right?). One picked popcorn. She attached her card to a bag of microwavable popcorn, how fun! I’m honestly sick of candy and I try to avoid gifting it to others if I can. My second daughter picked a print out that you staple to a packet of stickers. Such a fun and cute idea! Now, my youngest is too young to really care about what type of card she is giving out so I picked for her. I chose a fish bowl and I attached a baggie of goldfish to the card. Most of the fun lies in sitting down and making the cards together as a family.

What do your children make for Valentine’s Day?

After the girls go to bed we finally get some “us’ time! In which we promptly pass out…. 20 minutes into the same show we have been trying to watch on the DVR for 2 weeks. But, at the end of the day, everything is worth it because making these memories can only happen once.

Valentine’s Day is a fun day to celebrate love and togetherness. It is important to not get lost in the gift buying and date planning.

Enjoy and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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