Happy National Pi Day!

Okay, So I know this is not the actual “National Pie” Day. No, it is actually the celebration of the mathematical constant. Well, since my strengths do not lie in mathematics I’ll Just bake a Pie and have a slice.

Fun Fact: National Pi Day is held on March 14th because those are the first 3 numbers of the Pi equation.

So what are you doing for Pi Day? I do know there are a lot of specials going on at grocery stores and bakeries! Go indulge!! If you have time, practice your pie making skills.

That way on January 23rd (National Pie Day) your pie game will be strong!

I have recently reformatted the blog and we will be focusing on it more. We look forward to being more present! Have a great day everyone!

**I only have a few pies posted but We do aim to add more! Check them our:

 Apple Pie

 Pecan Pie

  Peach Pie

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