St. Patricks Day

We love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. There is just something about getting dressed up in green and cooking some awesome Irish food!

Like every year, we woke up and had an awesome themed breakfast. It really gets everyone into the spirit of the day! This year we decided to make what I call Leprechaun Bagels. Essentially these are regular bagels with green cream cheese. I usually like adding a little honey to sweeten the cream cheese up. The kids loved it!

st. patrick's day

Where we live we have an awesome parade going 41 years strong! Today was one of those pleasant 70 degree days that had the perfect amount of shade to enjoy the festivities! After all the tragedies I feel like our nation has endured it was just amazing to see so many people enjoying being around each other and celebrating a culture together!

Of course, you cant celebrate the day without some amazing Irish food! We always cook corned beef. It never fails. You can guarantee that we will have that every year and let me tell you it is a treat!

The best part about days like these is being able to share it with our children. To know that they get to see a little glimpse into how things were when we were children. The time before iPods, iPhones, and Facebook. When people were truly present in the ‘here and now’. IMG_0022

How do you spend your St. Patrick’s Day and what is your favorite Irish dish to cook?


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